Forum Theatre

Singapore Kindness Movement and *SCAPE presents a Forum Theatre Production produced by Drama Box: twentythirty


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Singapore is now a more diverse place than ever before. It is becoming increasingly more common to have classmates, neighbours and colleagues who come from different parts of the world.

twentythirty is a forum theatre performance that allows audiences to examine the figure of “others” in their life and the prejudices they may have. It is a platform for audiences to question and discover for themselves the role that the “I” can play in accepting difference and embracing diversity.

To encourage audiences to reflect on the issue as well as to share their views and experiences, audiences will explore different scenarios and develop alternatives within the play. A facilitator will lead audiences through this interactive segment.

twentythirty will help audiences to understand and consider the feelings and points of views of those who are perceived as being different and to encourage them to unpack the complexities in the issue of diversity.

Date: 26 to 28 Oct 2016
Time: 2:30pm & 5pm
Venue: *SCAPE Gallery

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