Hot Off The Press

Hot Off The Press FLYER V2 JULY 2016 (draft)


What does “hot off the press” mean to you? When you hear/read news clips, whether local, national or international, how do they resonate with you? 

This 4-part artistic project will bring together approximately 50 young people between the ages of 6 and 20 years in a series of workshops about news stories and their impact on the personal, local, and global scene. The objective is to give the participants an opportunity to discuss and reflect on how the news affects their lives.

Parts I & II
Inspired by their discussions, improvisations, research and input from industry professionals in journalism, film-making, acting and music. 5 themes are chosen. The next stage is writing the scripts and selecting the aspiring directors from the pool of young participants. The stories may take the form of either screenplay, dance or music.

Part III
All interested participants can choose to be actors and/or singers, musicians, or assist on video production crews: (sound recording, set decoration, props, costume, make-up, hair, lighting, location scouts, video & sound editors) or promo teams.

Part IV
The videos will be filmed and then edited in January and February (1 weekend shoot per film). Official Launch will take place in March 2017 with a live collage of the individual segments along with the first public screening of the 5 short films.

Hot Off The Press - Part 1 took place in June 2016 with 9 workshops on current news stories. Participants had the opportunity to be mentored by, and engaged in a creative exchange with guest facilitators in journalism, directing, film-making, acting and music:

  • Roland Ang - Co-founder of Zing Creative Arts, Film Producer, Composer/Musician
  • Serene Goh – Journalist, Editor, ST Schools, The Straits Times
  • Kamil Haque - founder of HCAC, Singapore’s first professional acting centre
  • Alexandra Harland - International journalist
  • Sarah Howell - Writer, Director, Founder of Dream Bravely
  • Thomas Morgan – Documentary filmmaker
  • Giovanni Ortega - international multi-disciplinary artist
  • Michelle Poh - Singer/ Songwriter, Pianist & Educator
  • Remesh Panicker - Actor, Voice-over talent & Documentary writer/ producer

Come and meet some of these industry professionals and more in the next part of the project.


YOU can participate in Part II to IV in screenwriting, directing, production, promotion and/or as a cast member in one of the short films.

If you are between the age of 6 to 20 years old, sign up to be a participant via or